Monday, January 18, 2016

Animation Concept Art

Some dragon concepts

Inanimate objects with emotion.

Said inanimate object falling from a high distance
Mechanical Cat Concept plus movement cycles
(BTW part of this was made of a separate component - like a jigsaw puzzle. It took a long time)

Simple Dragon flight cycle

I Sang

This was a project we did in Computer Illustration class. Please ignore the typos in the PDF. Thanks (-_-)

Concept Pieces/ Fun and Games

Dramatic Groundhog Day

Reptillian in Zim style

From a comic collaboration a friend of mine and I were working on 

An extremely odd assignment from our Animation and Cartooning professor: Valentine's day and Friday the 13th. It wasn't well drawn, by the expressions and room dimensions were the focus.

Some More College Projects

Some homework assignments I had for Cartoon and Animation class.

Dr. Who heads in pen and watercolour

Dracula heads in pen and watercolour

My take on the Kracken

The Fly man

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Great Pumpkin

Stories of My Life

These little strips were a series of stories I based on my own life. All of them are a tad gloomy, but oh well, right?

The strip above was the first ever strip, created while in high school



Butterfly Season

When you have no friends

Elementary School Part 1

Elementary School Part 2

The Joys of Shapeshifting 1

The Joys of Shapeshifting 2

The Joys of Shapeshifting 3

The Joys of Shapeshifting, End?

College Life

Cat Lady

The Healthcare System

The Little Things

The Peeping Tom 1

The Peeping Tom 2

Group Projects

Throw backs from Highschool

 I made some pretty dark stuff during my high school years. Here's some honorable mentions.

Some Samples from a horror comic I never had the heart to finish way back in high school. It was more of a learning process to me anyways. I was studying Juni Ito's style, trying to mimic the pen line work he would use.

May have been inspired my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Probably one of the more gory things I drew. It was my first piece using grey-scale pens. 

Some monster concept art I probably drew while in math.

And here's this lovely thing of a steam punk inventor inspired by one of Da Vinci's inventor sketches.

A graphite and pen drawing of how it feels having TMJ disorder.